Google Geo for Environment (G4E)

by the Google Earth Outreach Team

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Google Earth Outreach empowers you to create positive change for people and the planet with Geo tools.

Visit us at the Google booth @ the 2022 AGU Conference

๐Ÿ“… Booth Hours

Mon Dec 12 @3-6pm

Tues Dec 13 @10-6pm

Weds Dec 14 @10-6pm

Thurs Dec 15 @10-1pm


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๐ŸŒ Workshop on Sat Dec 10, 2022

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Talks @ AGU using Google technology

From 8am to 12pm @ AGU, our peers Tanya and Tyler will run an in person workshop on Dynamic World which is an AI-powered land cover and change detection dataset

Schedule of โšก๏ธ lightening talks at our AGU booth

Broken up by day

AGU booth presentations 2022

Meet our G4E crew attending AGU this year

AGU Google crew

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๐Ÿ“™ Free Open Sourced Earth Engine Fundamental Applications book

100 contributors

55 chapters

10,000+ lines of code

AI powered near real-time land cover dataset available!ย 

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