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What's new in Earth Engine

Cloud Score+

Cloud Score+ provides a continuous QA score that can be thresholded to mask clouds, cloud shadows, and other atmospheric occlusions in Sentinel 2 imagery

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Data converters

Earth Engine now returns structured NumPy arrays, Pandas DataFrames, and GeoPandas GeoDataFrames from the Data Extraction API

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The Earth Engine team is supporting geemap and recommending it as the interactive development tool for the Python API. Earth Engine and geemap are pre-installed and ready to use in Google Colab notebooks

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Google introduces Xee, a library that allows you to operate on Earth Engine ImageCollections as Xarray Datasets

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Data Extraction API

Earth Engine's getPixels and computePixels functions offer two new ways to export image data that increase flexibility for a wide range of ML workflows and other applications

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Vertex AI

Earth Engine is connected to Vertex AI (Google's Cloud service for all things machine learning and artificial intelligence) so now you can fire a boatload of pixels through fancy new models

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What's new in Google Earth

New UI, simpler sharing

Google Earth has a new user interface that makes it easier and faster to create and organize geospatial data seamlessly across web and mobile devices as well as new project sharing capabilities

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Timelapse update

Timelapse has been updated to include imagery from 2021 and 2022; you can now visualize change from 1984 through 2022

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Delve preview

Preview Delve’s generative design features in Google Earth for early-stage real estate and solar development

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Geo for Good 2023

Most sessions from our Geo for Good Summit are recorded and available for viewing on YouTube. Visit the Summit Agenda on the event website for a list of sessions on Earth, Earth Engine, Machine Learning, and their application to help people and the planet.

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